26 May

Welcome to Drygulch Leatherworks, home of quality hand made leather goods.  My leatherwork is done in a small shop in the back of my home in Baldwin City, Kansas.  I am proud to offer American made items, and work to source most of my leather from American Tanneries.

Drygulch Leatherworks features quality leather goods created one piece at a time.  Leatherwork is a hobby of mine, but my family comes first.  Due to time constraints (i.e. young family members, and a more than full time day job,) my focus in leatherwork is now on premade items that are ready to ship.  I am able to provide references to other leatherworkers who may be able to help you with a custom order.

I offer a good selection of quality handmade leather items in my Etsy store, including:





Belt Fobs

Dog Collars

While I try to keep my listings up to date on Etsy, often I simply don’t have time to list all of the items I have in stock.  In those cases, I will add a post here to discuss them.  If there is something you are looking for, please contact me to see if it might be available, even if it is not listed.

Thanks for visiting Drygulch Leatherworks.

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New Line of Strops: Forty-Five Series

05 Dec

Veg 1Bridle 1 Latigo 1 One of the most frequent questions I get asked about my strops isn’t about the leather or the quality of materials.  It isn’t even directly about the performance of my strops.  The most frequent question I hear is, “What is the least expensive strop you have?” 

As a craftsman, this is a challenge.  I don’t want anything with my name on it that doesn’t meet my quality standards, but I also don’t want to have strops be too expensive to allow people to try straight razor shaving.  My thought was, “What if I could make an entry level strop from quality materials in such a way that it was still affordable?”  My Classic and Modern series strops have a lot of fine details that make them a joy to use, but they also add cost.  Looking at some of the most simple vintage barber strops, I came up with my Forty-Five Series Strop design.

This is a bare bones strop.  There is no handle, but the leather is 2.5 inches wide, and thick and easy to hold on to.  The second element is polypropylene.  It makes a very different sound from more traditional linen or cotton, but does a great job prepping the edge to strop on the leather.  The hanger is solid brass with a brushed nickel finish, and the piece is assembled with copper rivets.  Should the edge of your razor come in contact with the rivet, the flat copper surface will do much less damage than other fasteners.  Each strop includes a hand cut hanging strap that can be tied to a towel rod.

The leather on these strops is based on function.  The leather likely has a few wrinkles or scars in the face, but nothing that will prevent the strop from working.  Leather is a natural material, so there will be visible imperfections, but I carefully inspect each strop to make sure nothing will impact the performance.  The leather on these strops is thick.  It is thinned down to go through the swivel snap, but the edges are left square.  With use, the edges will soften and round over.  Each strop is also numbered. 

 So why am I calling this the Forty-Five Series strop?  The price is just $45, plus shipping.  A great price to try out a new strop or begin dabbling in straight razor shaving.  Please check out the Strops Section of my Etsy store to see what I have in stock, but feel free to message me if you don’t see what you are looking for.

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Holiday Strop Sale 2015

20 Nov

I have worked over the last several months to get quite a few strops made.  At this point, the part I am struggling the most is to get the listings posted on Etsy where I normally sell them.  A few of these are posted on my Etsy store, but most are not.  I have additional pictures of these strops that I can email, please contact me for more information.  Here is a list of what is available:

Modern Style- My design for strops.  Uses copper rivets to put things together.  Three inches wide.  Most of these strops have separate handles for the leather and hemp linen elements. All strops include leather hanging strap, and double handled ones include second strap to tie ends together as well.

  • Chromexcell Horse Hide 18×3 Black Single Handle- $65
  • Chromexcell Horse Hide 24×3 Black Double Handle- $75
  • Chromexcell Horse Hide 24×3 Burgundy Double Handle- $95
  • American Bridle Leather 24×3 Black Double Handle-$95
  • Oiled Latigo 24×3 Double Handle- $90
  • Oiled Latigo 21×3 Double Handle- $85
  • Oiled Full Grain Horse 24×3 Double Handle- $90
    Barber Strops

    Barber Strops

    Barber Strops

    Barber Strops

Classic Style- Includes single hand cut and sewn handle holding both the leather element and the hemp linen element.  Three inches wide. All strops have leather hanging strap as well.

  • Soft Rolled Horsehide 18×3- $120
  • American Bridle 18×3- $120
  • Shell Cordovan Black 17×3- $185

Paddle Strops- My paddle strops are made from half inch thick solid oak boards, sanded and stained.  The leather will measure slightly smaller than the boards. (e.g. a 2.5×12 strop will have 2.25×10.75 inches of leather.)  Great for pastes.

  • 2.5×12 inch Horsehide- $45
  • 2.5×12 inch 2 sided Horsehide and Cowhide- $55
  • 1.5×12 inch Horsehide- $40
  • 1.5×12 inch 2 sided Horsehide and Cowhide- $50
  • 1.5×12 inch ¼ inch thick board Horsehide-$30
  • 1.5×12 inch ¼ inch thick board Cowhide- $30

Paddle Strops

Note that I have more than one of some of these strops.  All strops listed are subject to prior sale.Shipping for any of these strops within the continental US would be $8.  For international shipping, please contact me.

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